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Overview of Xen Virtualization

Many people start looking at Virtualization Technologies because of the promise of doing more with less and high-availability solutions that the technology offers. However, there are many other benefits to virtualizing your data center, which are explored herein. Here, we will mainly focus on the free, open-source offering of Xen. This post closely follows a presentation I gave at the local [Classic Hackers UGA Linux Users Group][1] (CHUGALUG) in Athens, Georgia.… read more

Jumpstarting your Virtual tour with Oracle VM

Server virtualization technology has come a long ways in the last 18 months (today being a wonderful October 28, 2008 crisp, cold Fall Sunny day).  Here, I am going to take a look at Oracle VM, one of the relative newcomers to the game and show you how to quickly get up and running with a Xen host and virtual server. ### A little background... Our shop has been using virtual technologies for just over two years. At the time we started taking it seriously, the open source offerings were just on the cusp of being production quality; Citrix had not yet bought into Xen; and VMWare had just rolled out their free VMWare Server option.  We had a mixture of Linux and Windows servers, all physical, and were really feeling some of the budget pince in our rapid growth.… read more