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Making Commitments, Reaching Out

In a very real sense, today is monumental for me. Today, I committed developer resources (not just my own) to my upcoming mobile app. I don't quite have the specs together for the developer, but I have enough now that I can get him started on building some of the foundational components of the app. We're making room in our collective schedule to get this project formally under way. So far, I have built the user management component of the system that allows a new user to register an account and log into the system. We have a little more work to do on the user onboarding experience, but we've got enough that a solid API scaffold is in place in the budding app and I can start assigning user stories to the developer. I'm… read more

Ground Zero

I am at ground zero for a new venture I'm launching. So, let's talk about what I'm planning and where I hope to go with it. # First Thing's First Let me talk about what I mean by "ground zero" with just a few bullet points. First and foremost, my newest venture is nothing programming or computers, which means... * I have virtually zero followers in my traditional core audience. * No store, no products, no sales * No page views * No Inventory * No mobile app built, let alone tested, approved, and available in the App store. * No marketing, sales, or publication attempt other than limited sharing with a few close friends. # That's About to Change I am about to launch my very first mobile app and it's written in… read more