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Working on a Referral Pre-Launch Site

Since I'm at zero followers, I'm crafting a plan to bring in as many emails as possible in a week's time so I'm not "launching to crickets" as the Harry's founders phrased it. What Harry's did was nothing short of remarkable. They acquired more than 100,000 email addresses in seven days on a referral campaign where they awarded products to those who participated. The more referrals a person garnered, the greater the reward. If you're interested in the whole story, [check it out here](http://bit.ly/2onK38o). I was so impressed with how they ran their campaign, I decided to follow in their footsteps. Since they released their code as open source, I was able to fork it and quickly make changes in preparation to launch my own campaign. I was close enough I could launch, but then I… read more

Making Commitments, Reaching Out

In a very real sense, today is monumental for me. Today, I committed developer resources (not just my own) to my upcoming mobile app. I don't quite have the specs together for the developer, but I have enough now that I can get him started on building some of the foundational components of the app. We're making room in our collective schedule to get this project formally under way. So far, I have built the user management component of the system that allows a new user to register an account and log into the system. We have a little more work to do on the user onboarding experience, but we've got enough that a solid API scaffold is in place in the budding app and I can start assigning user stories to the developer. I'm… read more

Ground Zero

I am at ground zero for a new venture I'm launching. So, let's talk about what I'm planning and where I hope to go with it. # First Thing's First Let me talk about what I mean by "ground zero" with just a few bullet points. First and foremost, my newest venture is nothing programming or computers, which means... * I have virtually zero followers in my traditional core audience. * No store, no products, no sales * No page views * No Inventory * No mobile app built, let alone tested, approved, and available in the App store. * No marketing, sales, or publication attempt other than limited sharing with a few close friends. # That's About to Change I am about to launch my very first mobile app and it's written in… read more