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Preparing for Countdown

Today, I focused on setting up email and twitter accounts so I could begin to get the word out for [Matchpoint](http://matchpoint.io). When you're getting started it's tough to know what to do if you've never done this sort of thing before, so here's a quick walkthrough on some of the steps I've taken so far. ## Domain name registration The very first thing most online businesses are faced with is registering a domain name. A lot of experts say your domain has to be .com or don't bother. These days, it's mattering less and less if you're .com, .io, .us, or dot anything else. Dot com is cybersquated to the point you have to string three full words together to have find a name that's not taken. When was the last time you strictly judged a… read more

Bootstrapping my Blogs

Ever notice that blogs that are tutorial in nature spend a lot of time providing instructions on installing things, but a whole lot depends on what the author already has installed that he's forgotten to tell you about? Or perhaps the author simply left out the details necessary for you to fully replicate his environment? For me personally, I get downright tired of writing the same thing over and over. Like my code, I want my blogging efforts to be efficient and DRY. Since I work extensively with virtual machines to maintain an orderly environment in a known state, I figured it makes just as much sense to document by establishing a git repository that contains all my bootstrap scripts and configuration scripts needed to get things installed. Whether you use bare metal or virtual machines, you are now empowered… read more