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Handling Date Entries

Separate inputs for a single Date Entry? pop-up Calendars? Enforce one way (i.e. enter in "mm/dd/yyyy" format)? What happened to the end-user perspective? User input parsing and validation is classic computer science and usability fodder, yet we seem to get ever more clever at making it more cumbersome to enter a date than to get a date! (I'll leave the pun implications to the reader...) ## The Rails Way Separating inputs into month, day, year drop down lists makes the user click three times with mouse (or worse, type, tab, type, tab, type. It looks cool and minimizes programming effort to get a guaranteed valid date entry, but before Rails came along, I haven't seen this entry style in practice since the days of IBM 3270 terminal applications! At least in those old applications, there was a predictive key parser… read more