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Michael Lang

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  • Extensive knowledge and hands on experience with technology, both hardware and software. Actively built and supported a wide variety of platforms ranging from mainframes and minicomputers to PCs and Macs to Cloud-based solutions. Deep knowledge of Internet infrastructure, protocols, and the technologies that leverage it.
  • Extensive experience building on-site data centers from ground up as well as migrating aging onsite data centers to the cloud. Strong security expertise, covering regulations, PCI and HIPAA compliance as well as battle hardening against intrusions and mitigating active DdoS attacks.
  • Successfully managed numerous IT related projects and team members, sourcing, hiring, and overseeing the development teams, Q/A and documentation efforts, technologies employed, and change/release management schedules.
  • Worked directly with customers, business analysts, other business executives and industry leaders to address the business needs by accurately and successfully translating the needs into IT solutions on a timely and budgeted basis.
  • Excellent organizational and writing skills, especially with technical topics. Maintainer and contributor to many open source projects and mentor to many up-and-coming developers. Founder of Baltimore's preiminent B'More on Rails User group.


1988 -
Georgia Institute of Technology

Bachelor of Science in Information and Computer Science.

Emphasis was on large project Software Engineering, Information Management, and Human Factors of hardware and software designs. Degree also recognizes successful participation in the cooperative program working for IBM.


Background Over 30 years experience working with computers. Have produced notable work or held positions of responsibility as product manager over full life-cycle development, software architect, software engineer, network administrator, graphics and web designer, support technician to several hundred users, on-line help author and technical writer
Languages Fluent in Ruby (12+ years), Delphi [18+ years], Turbo Pascal [4 years], C [5 years], and Visual Basic [4 years] Competent in several scripting languages, including Python, JavaScript, Ruby, Visual Basic Script (i.e. ASP), PHP, Perl and Tcl Knowledgable in C++, SEDL++, LISP, Assembly, REXX, and Ada.
Internet Very knowledgeable in the internet realm with more than twenty years of experience with various aspects of the internet from developing web sites, programming Unix machines to configuring and installing TCP/IP software on clients’ machines. Experience with setting up and maintaining Microsoft IIS on NT and Apache, Nginx and lighttpd on Linux and Mac OS X. Have developed ISAPI DLLs, XML forms, and dyanamically constructed pages. Extremely proficient with HTML, JavaScript, optimizing assets for efficient downloads, and constructing standards based sites with Cascading Style Sheets.
Databases Have developed many databases on several different platforms, including MySQL (15+ years), SQL Server (15+ years), PostgresSQL, 12+ years, Oracle 7, 8i, 9i, 10g [8+ years], Interbase, Paradox, MS-Access, dBase, Sybase, and DB/2. Very proficient with SQL [18 years]. Fluent in Transact-SQL, PL/SQL and others.
Platforms Programming platforms have included PCs (DOS, Windows and Linux), Citrix Metaframe, IBM Mainframes (VMS and TSO4), DEC VAX's (UNIX C and VAX Assembler), Suns (UNIX C), RISC 6000 (AIX C).
Writing Skills Excellent organizational and authoring skills, especially with technical topics. Have written several business proposals for outside presentation with 100% job acceptance rate. Was published in the June 1996 Delphi Developer and subsequently solicited for additional articles.


Peachtree Medical Billing

Oct 2012 -

Working with an international roster of clients primarily in product owner by proxy role to help clients migrate from old Ruby on Rails systems to modern Rails versions. Following major upgrades, helped clients drastically reduce technical debt, modernize infrastructure, build new functionality and stay current with emerging business requirements.

Chief Information Officer / Ruby on Rails Consultant
  • Primary Contractor helping an online bookstore in Europe upgrade from Rails 1.2 to 4.2 and growing product database from 4 million items to over 11 million. Daily and weekly data loads, cover images, and price calculations fully automated. System fully integrated with backend business systems, including Navision via SOAP protocol, DIBS, and QuickPay payment gateways. Now mobile friendly responsive.
  • Working with priminant government agency in Georgia as sub-contractor to connect all court houses across the state to integration partners using Ruby on Rails and SOAP protocol. Internal Rails record tracking system upgraded from 1.1 to 4.6. Browser extensions built for Chrome and Firefox to seamlessly integrate record keeping and editing with desktop Office suites.
  • Helped a prestegious national law firm grow their website of 150 lawyers in six offices to well over 400 lawyers and 9 offices across the nation with comprehensive content management system for managing lawyer profiles and social media and news outreach efforts. Integrated LDAP with website platform to share lawyer contact data on profiles automatically.

Peachtree Medical Billing

June 2010 -
Oct 2012

Responsible for all Information Technology and full life-cycle of data entry and quality, with strong focus on workflow automation and reduction of manual efforts in repetitive tasks.

Chief Information Officer
  • Primarily utilized Ruby, Rails, Sinatra, Padrino, and Sequel ORM.
  • Built highly dynamic rules based system to intelligently handle loading patient billing data, generating and filing claims and invoices with an industry-leading payout in the face of a constantly changing insurance reimbursement rules and regulations climate.
  • Designed and implemented workflow automation that drastically reduced manual labor involved in loading of daily patient billing data, virtually eliminating hand-keying the data into the billing system -- allowing the company to double in size and volume every four months.
  • Upgraded the company’s two servers into four physical Xen servers, virtualizing all services onto the Xen servers. Converted PBX phones to VoIP and built small data center onsite that handled all VoIP traffic, more than 50 remote users through VPN and Remote Desktop with a mix of open source and commercial components. Company’s entire operational stack automatically backed up, encrypted and fully recoverable from catastrophic event.

Medical Decision Logic, Inc.

March 2005 -
Feb 2010

Led a team of more than 30 developers in building industry first full spectrum medical research management system.

Director of Software Development and Network Infrastructure
  • Oversaw the development of clinical trials research workflow management system for John Hopkins University’s Oncology group.
  • Led early discovery stages that identified multi-department strengths and weaknesses of currently deployed systems and business practices and roles of virtually all major players in the JHU Oncology group and developing short-term and long-term development stages for rolling out modern, web-based solution. Led the development effort of twelve major modules (Patient Registration/Enrollment and Study Protocol Builder, Financials, etc.). System was developed with a model driven approach using Ruby on Rails, Linux OS, Oracle 10g, SQL Server 2005, XSB (Prolog derivative for temporal logic and reasoning engines for the workflow management), and Microsoft Reporting Services for reporting and OLAP analysis of collected data.
  • Focused on developing and promoting teamwork, identifying scalability issues, advocating end-user centric usability design principles, targeting quality issues in code construction, and specifying platforms and technologies to utilize.
  • Designed and implemented onsite state-of-the-art HIPAA compliant data center. Sourced, negotiated support contracts, and played a direct role in installation of all equipment and configuring firewalls and intrusion prevention systems as well as biometric access controls and video surveillance and monitoring equipment.
  • System is developed with a model driven approach using Ruby on Rails, Linux OS, Oracle 10g, XSB (Prolog derivative for temporal logic and reasoning engines for the workflow management), and Oracle 10g Reporting Services and Discoverer for reporting and OLAP analysis of collected data.
  • Worked with recruiters to grow IT team from four to 35 members in eight month’s time. Interviewed, hired, and assembled teams. Played an active role in training new members and organizing workflow and ensuring agile and scrum practices were followed to maximize productivity and deliverables.

The University of Georgia

Sept. 2002 -
March 2005

Responsible for maintaining comprehensive in-house built data management system based on Oracle 8i and Sun Solaris for the Veterinary College’s business functions, which includes client and patient tracking, billing, accounting, financial reporting, medical records, pharmacy functions, inventory tracking, and medical diagnostic recording. Responsible for keeping system up and running and managing upgrade cycles and working with the outside vendor to address software issues and enhancements to the system.

System Analyst - Principle
  • Within first few days of starting job, successfully diagnosed and stablized Pharmacy to UNIX interface, which was crashing nightly.
  • Performed extensive Solaris maintenance to bring virtually unpatched Solaris production server box up to current security patch level as well as plugging various known security holes.
  • Successfully rebuilt backup Solaris server and automated back up of nightly production snapshots to backup server.
  • Successfully carried upgraded business application software through more than 15 patch releases. This included establishing testing and quality assurance levels prior to upgrades and communicating with hospital administrators to ensure timely, thorough testing and scheduling of upgrades and timely resolution of all critical issues through the third party vendor.
  • Jointedly worked with Vendor's top DBA's to pinpoint performance issues, diagnose and tune the application at the database physical file, logical schema, and application levels, improving some processing times by a factor of 15 (45 seconds down to 3 seconds) and nearly doubling average Oracle internal processing performance.
  • Helped restore confidence of user-base in IT department as a whole and established reputation for fast, knowledgeable handling of user issues.

Cybrains, Inc.

Feb 2001 -

Founded Cybrains as a complete IT service company offering everything from custom application and web development services to hardware acquisition and configuration for small to mid-sized companies.

Performed consulting, software development, and other contracted IT work for various clients. Returned to Haas Publishing Companies, Inc. for six months to lead development team through phase II development that incorporated financial tracking of distribution and publications operations. Worked with business analysts to draft scope of work and architected all new modules and database schemas. Actively worked with development team to implement these new modules as well as retooling backend to optimize for WAN, which resulted in ten-fold performance increase.

  • Successfully architected database schema and new software modules for client that modelled complex billing services with flexibility to adapt and configure module for servicing various markets across the nation.
  • Helped analyze and resolve issues with backup/restore scripts on UNIX platform that were failing to execute properly after hired UNIX specialist failed to resolve the issues.
  • Set up small network system for a client consisting of both traditionally wired systems and wireless WEP connections.
  • Successfully migrated in-house Delphi/Oracle system from two-tiered client/server fat client architecture to three-tiered thin-client architecture that boosted WAN performance tenfold.

ThinkWorks, Inc.

Jan 2000 -
Feb 2001

Was brought in to rescue a failing software development effort and successfully stabilized product and implemented change and release management procedures. Was responsible for all software products of the company as well as managing development staff and product development scope, schedules and delivery. As company downsized, accepted and incorporated the role of Manager of Network Systems in addition to maintaining all duties as Director of Product Development.

Was responsible for managing a seven person development team, which included mentoring Jr. developers, performing design and code reviews, and performance reviews of team members. Was responsible for full lifecycle development and release schedules and interacting extensively with business leaders, customers, subject matter experts and Q/A personnel. Successfully maintained all back-end servers and network services.

As Director of Product Development, was responsible for all software products of the company as well as managing development staff and product development scope, schedules and delivery.

Director of
Product Development
  • Stabilized a system prone to frequent crashing and abnormal exits within four weeks of start. Also eliminated numerous deadlocking situations and faulty multi-threading mechanisms in the application.
  • Worked with team in first two months to reduce outstanding bug list from approximately 400 distinct issues to less than 20 non-critical issues.
  • Introduced OOA&D principles that ultimately reduced the code base from ~600k lines of code to a more manageable 200k lines of code while more than quadrupling the functionality of the system itself.
  • Developed and taught bi-weekly training sessions to train junior developers in programming techniques and teach object oriented design and coding principles.
  • Architected and implemented full context searching of candidate skills and resumes and building advanced search criterias that automatically cross-referenced to job posting descriptions and requirements and generated list of best matches of candidates for the posted job, thus eliminating several hours per day of manual keying of data to get same results.
  • Developed, defined and oversaw all requirements documents for enhancements to the system as well as delivery schedule by working closely with others in the company. Worked closely with Q/A team to ensure new functionality was tested thoroughly and customer reps to ensure customers were aware of scheduled system downtimes for impending software upgrades.
  • Utilized relational nature of database to automate various areas of the system as well as reducing data keying and redundant data entry tasks.
  • Oversaw implementation of database management tools that allowed starter templates database schemas to be managed by non-technical personnel as well as automatically applying development changes to the database schemas of existing customers as new software releases were rolled out.
  • Architected and oversaw development XML forms definition interface that allowed web-based data entry forms to be visually designed and instantly deployed to the web. The XML standard not only defined the form itself, but fully controlled the import of collected data into the database so that any number of data collection forms could be developed within the system and without assistance from the development staff.
  • Architected and implemented a complete e-mail client system that mimicked Microsoft Outlook in functionality, including HTML formatting, spell checking, address book, etc., but had additional capability of importing candidate resumes submitted via e-mail, whether attached as separate document or as part of the e-mail itself. Additional functionality also allowed contact information to be generated automatically and info in the e-mail to be attached to the correct contact records for tracking and viewing by others in the company.

As company downsized, incorporated the role of Manager of Information Systems in addition to maintaining all duties as Director of Product Development.

  • Quickly restored all network operations that spanned 14 NT 4.0 servers and two Citrix Metaframe servers after they were actively targeted for attack through the Internet. Additionally, prevented all future network tampering through proper security administration on all servers and firewall.
  • Rebuilt corporate web-site and MS-Exchange server after existing server hardware crashed.
  • Implemented backup/restore procedures for all servers to allow services to be quickly restored without rebuilding from scratch.
  • Implemented anti-virus protection for entire network as well as converting all desktop machines from Windows 95 to Windows NT workstations to bring complete stability and security to the network.
  • Consolidated backend servers for production and development environments from four servers each to one server hosting all necessary backend services for each environment to increase stability and ease of maintenance with reduced staff on hand.
  • Researched and purchased two new server boxes that allowed all 16 servers to be consolidated into two boxes that were easily relocated to new office when current office closed down.

JLS, Inc. / Sage Resources, Inc.

July 1999 -
Jan 2000

Worked on two software development contracts simultaneously (aprox 60 hrs/wk) during this period. All assignments were successfully completed on time or ahead of schedule.


Lead Delphi Developer/Oracle DBA to Haas Publishing Co.

Initially worked on the backend technologies supporting the ApartmentGuide.com web-site. Utilized Delphi and Oracle and Visio and MS-Project.

  • Built data export program that could run automatically on a daily basis and export data for the various portals which Apartment Guide provided content for, including Yahoo!, Lycos, MSN Home, and other.
  • Developed full requirements document and developed initial pilot for an automated e-mail routing system that routed visitor inquiries to various parties within the organization which would free up two positions within the company once implemented.

Transferred to the RAX development team, which maintains an in-house system developed in Delphi and Oracle for tracking distribution of all publications of the company in 60+ markets throughout the nation. The software tracks all publications and inventory, drivers, driving routes, store locations, racks in the store, service frequency, and which publications go in each pocket on the racks.

Helped manage and direct six person team in Re-architecting 2-tier application based on Delphi and Oracle 8i that was formerly using highly repetitive cut-and-paste coding techniques with no OOP into a stable and highly maintainable system utilizing an OOA&D approach that drastically reduced code base size. This allowed the project to continue and be supported with only one developer and DBA as opposed to three full-time developers, one Q/A, and two DBA’s.

  • Revamped a faulty architecture by eliminating a largely repetitive cut-and-paste approach and introducing fuller use of object oriented and design techniques.
  • Code base was reduced from ~80k lines to ~35k lines of code. The smaller code base stablized the application and allowed development pace to dramatically increase. The project went from three months over schedule to being completed ahead of schedule.
  • Architected and implemented entire security model which allowed the system administrator to manage users of the system and control read/write/visibility access to various tabs and modules in the system.
  • Utilized advanced Windows messaging techniques to get around 16-bit DLL limitations imposed by third party equipment which scans bubble sheets drivers fill out. This technique allowed the software to be deployed on Windows NT and later Windows 2000 whereas it was previously limited to Windows 95/98 machines.
  • Helped revamp some areas of application to process data in batches and dramatically boosting user productivity.
  • Introduced numerous custom built components to the system to bring about more consistent underlying implementation and user interface uniformity throughout the system.
  • Built multi-platform installation scripts with InstallShield and wrote Installation manual for end user as well as full troubleshooting guide for field support technicians.
  • Fully documented development techniques and suggested architectural progressions before leaving assignment.

Oracle/Interbase DBA Consultant to ThinkWorks, Inc.

Served as Oracle/Interbase consultant on a part-time basis to an Application Service Provider (ASP) which hosted a contact management system for tracking all aspects of the employee lifecycle from initial position definition and advertising to tracking the potential candidates and their skills to post-hiring administration.

  • Installed and configured Oracle data server.
  • Developed migration tools in Delphi to allow in-house Paradox based application to continue to be developed in Paradox and automatically translate all database changes to Oracle and Interbase.
  • Developed tool to automatically launch new companies from a template whenever ThinkWorks signed a new hosting agreement with a company.

Rio Systems International, Inc.

Nov. 1998 -
July 1999

Co-developed extensive underlying pure OO data access framework in Delphi 4 that was designed to seamlessly switch between SQL based database management systems without application rewrites and to handle streaming of data objects across our multi-tiered client/server applications. The framework is currently being utilized in the company's central reservation modules and group reservation modules.

Delphi Developer,
Core Technologies,
  • Utilized the above framework to develop complex interfaces between Rio’s retail applications and third party vendors which involved DCOM and TCP/IP streaming.
  • Built code generators that modeled the current database schema for all of Rio’s retail applications and generated all data objects for the framework. The generators were used to produce approximately 30,000 lines of code.
  • Also developed custom TDataset descendent for above framework to allow RAD GUI development of new retail modules.

Advanced Technology Corporation, Inc.

July 98 -
Nov. 98

Became the fourth member of a very sophisticated Delphi development team focused on a pilot project for modeling fiber optics networks which incorporated many advanced OOP concepts as well as GIS for "bird’s eye view" of the network. The project was a three-tiered system written in Delphi 3 and utilizing Oracle 8 for the database server and had over ten different object managers and nearly seventy object classes representing the different data entities stored in the database.

Delphi Contractor
  • Was able to successfully pick up the concepts and programming philosophy of the team and begin making significant contributions within two weeks of being hired.
  • Successfully cleaned up several key communication components to stabilized communications between the client and server, which were previously leaving both components in unstable states whenever network communications failed.
  • Also was successful in re-architecting the data locking mechanisms between client and server to support multi-user environments and handle the many complex scenarios and possible interactions with two or more clients working on the same data from the same server.

Dohring On-Line, Inc.

1997 -
Feb. 1998

Chief software engineer as well as having full authority over all technological issues, including software and hardware purchases, software development cycles, network topography, management of all technology, equipment, software, and security issues of the corporation which consisted of twelve employees. Continued to develop and enhance retail product, DataComp, which was acquired from RESC, Inc. (below).

Vice-President - IT
Chief Software Engineer
and Network Administrator
  • Began second life-cycle of DataComp with a complete rewrite. Wrote approximately 70,000 lines of Delphi code between January and November of 1997. Development also corresponded with managing and training a technical support person and standardizing and supervising all testing procedures.
  • Version 2.0 of the product, which was the first nationwide release of the product was released in May of 1997 and grossed over $150,000 for the year.
  • Spun off a secondary product using the above retail product as the base. This second product offered a Windows interface to the company’s dialup listing service; allowing the company to resell data in an electronic format to customers who dialed directly into the company’s network using pcAnywhere.

Real Estate Software Concepts, Inc.

1995 -

One of the two original founders of the company which was subsequently bought out by Dohring On-Line, Inc.. Helped conceive and develop a very well received database software package in Delphi for tracking various types of properties of the commercial real estate appraisal industry.

Chief Software Engineer
  • Used Delphi and SQL to develop Version 1.0 the retail database product which fueled the company’s growth and sparked Dohring On-Line’s interest in buying the company.
  • Worked with the company director to define development goals and implement solutions to user needs. Helped the director understand project time lines and prioritize implementation of the various product features.
  • Worked with the company director in analyzing the many complex and varied property types to produce a database schema that was simple and consistent, yet highly flexible and capable of storing the various property types.
  • Developed all core functions of the application, including numerous VCL components.
  • Designed a user interface that is widely regarded within the industry as extremely easy to learn and use and is one of the best ever. Overall satisfaction rate, as determined by periodic surveys, was rated "excellent" by 92% of our users.
  • Wrote the requirements specification of business proposals when the director needed to present custom programming proposals to customers.

Argus Computing, Inc.

1994 -

Started this general purpose computer consulting company immediately after graduating with two other Tech Alumni. Average client billings were at $80.00 per hour when company was sold. Was primary body of knowledge concerning hardware, software, and diagnosis and resolution of client’s system.

  • Utilized Visual Basic, MS-Access and SQL in a contract with Arrow Factory Stores where a reporting and forecasting system was developed to allow Arrow's factory buyers to forecast store sales and quickly determine what clothing items needed to be reordered; order them in bulk; and automatically determine the splits for bulk orders for shipping to each store.
  • Utilized MS-Access and SQL to develop a reporting application for a medium sized local company and helped migrate this company from DOS to Windows by installing a Novell network along with replacing and upgrading all machines to Windows 95.

Georgia Tech Business Office

1992 -

Provided hardware and software troubleshooting and general support for MS-DOS, MS-Windows, UNIX, Internet, CICS, and Novell for approximately 350 users. Accomplishments include:

Systems Analyst
and Programmer
  • Migrated approximately 200 workstations from Ungermann Bass to Novell in eight different departments. Automated much of the procedure through a combination of batch files and 'C' programming to complete the task in under two weeks.
  • Ported purchasing department's key order tracking program from COBOL to Visual Basic and consolidated the various databases into one central database that resides on the server.
  • Developed a reporting program to summarize purchasing data to enable the department, for the first time, to track employee performance.
  • Developed UNIX based programs used campus wide for monitoring progress of purchase orders placed with Purchasing dept. and to reformat uploaded data for accessibility through Gopher.

International Business Machines, Inc.

1988 -

Miscellaneous accomplishments include:

Student Co-op,
Various Positions
  • As head co-op of graphics department, automated and streamlined graphics production process thus increasing production by over 300%.
  • As personal assistant to IBM project manager, developed Paradox database and automated procedures for finding and downloading data from mainframe to generate desired reports. Tracked over 100,000 lines of code weekly.
  • As part of quality control team, helped develop testing procedures for a team of 30 programmers and subsequently automated testing by writing over 300 script files using IBM's T.W.I.S.T. (a key punch emulation package).
  • As hardware and software support, installed OS/2 and LAN requester and all hardware necessary for migrating to IBM token ring network for over 100 workstations.

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