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Pradipta's Rolodex

Published: July 18, 2008 (over 11 years ago)
Updated: almost 5 years ago

Something funny happened last night. A one, Max Archie from Indiana hired an India-based Call Center to find a couple of Ruby developers. Well, by and by, the recruiter mass-mails some 400 developers asking if they’re interested. Within about 10 mins, I had to 10 emails of somewhat ticked off developers begging for people to stop replying! Unfortunately, it was getting on late and stressed out developers up after midnight tend to get a little cantankerous and start poking real fun at the world in ways only we can do. Today, we have Pradipta’s Rolodex! digg link Reddit. To all developers out there unfortunate enough to get caught in this web, thanks, for you have made me laugh out loud harder than I have in a good while! Cheerios!

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