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Making Commitments, Reaching Out

Published: March 27, 2017 (almost 3 years ago)

In a very real sense, today is monumental for me. Today, I committed developer resources (not just my own) to my upcoming mobile app. I don’t quite have the specs together for the developer, but I have enough now that I can get him started on building some of the foundational components of the app. We’re making room in our collective schedule to get this project formally under way.

So far, I have built the user management component of the system that allows a new user to register an account and log into the system. We have a little more work to do on the user onboarding experience, but we’ve got enough that a solid API scaffold is in place in the budding app and I can start assigning user stories to the developer.

I’m building almost the app in Ruby on Rails. The mobile app is built in Jasonette, a new mobile development framework allows the developer to build the entire application with nothing more than JSON. Which means, Ruby on Rails can readily generate that JSON and feed it to the mobile app and we keep 100% of the business logic in Ruby.

So, in conjunction with committing the developer resources, I’m now working harder to get the word out and you can expect to see many more updates on this exciting project coming. At the moment, these are my three biggest challenges:

  1. Defining the first set of user stories by end of today for my developer to get started on.
  2. Prioritizing what to build first and what to write about first.
  3. Settling on a broadcast schedule I can sustain in the face of my other committments (this is a biggie!).

Beyond that, in the back of my mind, I’m thinking about some of these topics:

  • How interested is my non-techie audience segment going to be in my efforts to build this thing?
  • What’s something useful I can share regularly with tennis enthusiasts that will keep them engaged while I build this thing?
  • Do I have the guts to really call it like it is, even when the going gets tough?

I think my effort makes for an effective back-story that will engage, but I grapple with just how far off the deep end I can go before losing their collective interest? If my audience also happen to be engaged in growing their businesses or doing software development and scaling things in the cloud, I can’t say enough. But if they just want to play tennis, I fear I can quickly disinterest this group. Time shall tell the tale and I am sure I will adjust accordingly as feedback starts to roll in.

For now, there are two ways to follow my story. You can follow almost everything I do and write about by following my main twitter account at: @mwlang88 and you can follow a more narrowly focused channe at @matchpoint_io. As you follow along, please do chime in from time to time. Ask questions, or let me know what you think so I can keep the content you’re most interested in hearing about flowing.

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