Pitch Camp, what is it good for?

Published: June 12, 2014 (over 5 years ago)
Updated: over 5 years ago

Last week, I attended FourAthens Pitch Camp. Although Elisabeth and I were not seeking investors, it seemed like a great idea to put ourselves through the ringer and see how investors might respond to our message.

For those of you who don’t know what a Pitch Camp is, its an opportunity to pitch your company in front of 30 to 40 investors with the purpose of getting coaching and feedback on how to wow investors into investing in your business. In our case, we presented three times in the morning to get advice on what we needed to do differently, revamped our deck during lunch break, then presented a final time in the afternoon.

All-in-all, it was a worthwhile experience and it helped us to really rethink our approach to our message and how we are showing where the current solutions are woefully failing and how we’re addressing the problems head on. Another area I came to realize that we were not adequately addressing (and neither are our competitors!) is malware and botnet threats. Malware is typically concerned with stealing your identity and/or money while botnets are involved in massively attacking other computers for the criminals’ gain and your loss.

While our content filtering does have a lot of protection to prevent downloads of malware and programs that turn our computers into another node on a botnet out to steal people’s identities and hard-earned cash, we hadn’t given much thought as to what to do for protecting you when your computers are already infected with malware. Before now, that is. With a bit of research into what can be done, it turns out, there are several ways to stop outgoing traffic by blocking the “call home” feature of these botnet nodes, essentially keeping devices on your home network from calling out to their command/controller master server for new instructions. Without instructions, the malware tends to go silent and keeps your network from being overwhelmed with outgoing traffic and, more importantly, your personal information stays on your home network and you stay protected. And we can also detect these blocked messages and alert you that one of your computer is indeed infected so you can do something about it.

Its interesting – we go to Pitch Camp to learn about pitching to investors, but we walk away with more awareness about the directions our Chaperone solution can expand to.

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