Let the Musings Begin

Published: March 14, 2014 (almost 6 years ago)
Updated: almost 6 years ago

I have long blogged about highly technical articles and usually only after I have figured all the hard parts out. It was my way of giving back to the community, but I have long felt I was missing another side of me online. I’ve had a lot of great conversations with fellow software developers and network administrations as a result.

But technical writing left me wanting. Wanting for an avenue to share less formed thoughts and ideas as they are happening. Wanting to express frustration at life, coding, cooking, or whatnot. Wanting to speak my mind about something that’s happening that day.

I never quite figured out how to reconcile my professional blogging with my personal blogging. You see, I actually ran two websites, one, my personal website which you’re reading now and my coding blog, http://ramblings.gibberishcode.net, which you now find folded into this relaunch of http://codeconnoisseur.org. All the old URLs transparently bring you back to here! The latter was written in python and hosted on Zope while the former was written in PHP and hosted on WordPress which, incidentally, didn’t even exist when I chose Zope for my personal site. I don’t use those programming languages much anymore, so that makes it significantly more challenging to truly personalize those sites to the extent I wanted without really going deep into the code. An exercise I was not keen on doing because I am a relatively inexperienced programmer in either, but am a master of the Ruby programming language. Sure, if I wanted to bad enough, I could hack either one to get what I wanted. But you see, “wanted to bad enough” was the kicker and indeed, I would be hackin’ it.

One day, I produced a post about a new way of doing friendly URLs with Ruby on Rails and then a week or so later, I bumped into John Saddington, who gave a presentation on blogging. Like magic, that night brought on an “ah-ha” moment that lit up the insides of my head like a Christmas tree and I realized I had the ingredients to very quickly snapshot both of my existing sites into static pages and begin bringing to life the site I’ve been yearning for for several years.

I needed a website that was Ruby-based because that’s my bread and butter and if I dream up something new to do with the site, I don’t spend half the day with my nose buried in Stack Overflow or on the IRC channels trying to figure out how. I just do it and its done. I needed a single place to blog, whether it was my traditional long-format technical article or just spouting out about stuff that’s happening around me. Today, I have it and I hope you’ll enjoy my posts as I move to a new chapter in my online presence where I hope to be more true to who I am and hopefully write about things that are interesting to others - useful at times, complete time wasters at other times (but hopefully still enjoyable!) and just generally lets me articulate my musings of the day in a way that lets me connect with others.

To this day, I don’t think I’ve ever taken two very disparate websites based on two very different technology stacks and slammed them together so elegantly and quickly. If you hunt around this website, you’ll find my very first website that goes all the way back to 1994 as well as the flavor of this website that existed almost unchanged stylistically speaking from 2002-2013. You’ll even find a few holdouts of the old Ramblings blog here and there until I replace similar pages and functionality that were carried over from the WordPress powered site.

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