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This project is no longer database driven and has been taken offline. Below is a snapshot of the taxonomy database as it would've been generated when fully-functional

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Taxonomy and Nomenclature

Descriptor:mammals, fish, insects, birds, humans

Taxonomic Hierarchy

Direct Children
AcanthocephalaPhylum-stomach parasites found in carnivores
AnnelidaPhylum-terrestrial, freshwater, and marine worms with well developed coelom
ArthropodaPhylum-segmented animals with paired, jointed appendages
BrachiopodaPhylum-bottom-dwelling marine animals with two-valved shells
ChaetognathaPhylum-slender, planktonic, carnivorous animals
ChordataPhylum-animals with a dorsal hollow nerve chord, dorsal supporting rod (notochord), and gill pouches or slits.
CindariaPhylum-symmetrical, with tissues, organs, and nematocysts
CtenophoraPhylum-aquatic, transparent
EchinodermataPhylum-marine animals with tubercles for locomotion, and an endoskeleton containing spine barring plates
EchiuraPhylum-unsegmented marine worms burrowing in marine deposits
EntoproctaPhylum-sedentary marine animal living in colonies
EuproctaPhylum-small, colonial, aquatic animals
GastrotrichaPhylum-microscopic marine animals with cilia on bodies
GnasthostomulidaPhylum-microscopic marine worms
HemichordataPhylum-soft-bodied animals inhabiting muddy sea bottoms
KinorhynchaPhylum-worm-like marine animals
LoriciferaPhylum-small marine animal covered by lorica
MesozoaPhylum-worm-like organisms
MolluscaPhylum-soft-bodied animals, usually protected by a calcareous shell
NematomorphaPhylum-long, parasitic worms found in insects and crustaceans
NemertinaPhylum-long anterior proboscis used to explore environment and capture prey
NemetodaPhylum-cylindrical, parasitic worms
OnychophoraPhylum-soft-bodied, segmented animals with unjointed legs
PentastomaPhylum-parasitic worms in the respiratory passage of air-breathing vertebrates
PhorindaPhylum-tentacled marine worms living in tubes
PlacozoaPhylum-no tissues, organs, or symmetry
PlatyhelmenthesPhylum-ribbon shaped, soft-bodied. least complex animals with head
PogonophoraPhylum-slender, gutless, tube-living marine worms
PoriferaPhylum-no tissue, organs, or symmetry
PriapulidaPhylum-carnivorous marine worms
RotiferaPhylum-microscopic marine animals with corona.
SipunculaPhylum-unsegmented marine worms living in crevices
TardigradaPhylum-small animals living in films of water around mosses and other low terrestrials


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