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You have just been hired by, Creative Designs, an Instructional Design company specializing in producing courseware for academia and industry.

As a new hire, you have not yet dipped too deeply into the field of Instructional Technology, yet you are about to become...

...An Instructional Designer.

An instructional designer is someone who performs consulting and development chores necessary to create instructional materials. An Instructional Designer's responsibilities typically include:

  • Gathering and analyzing information about content and skills
  • Determining performance objectives based on the results of information gathered
  • Writing the blueprint and draft materials for the course
  • Ensuring that all components of the course adhere to the master design of the course
  • Organizing the test sessions and training the instructor
  • Preparing the materials for the reviews required at each stage of the instructional design process
  • Making revisions specified by the project manager or sponsor

George P. Burdell, the company's project manager, calls you and a few other newly hired employees into his office for your first meeting as a team. You enter the office where your other team members are already sitting around the small conference table. You are nervous as you are eager to make a good impression on your new boss and co-workers, but picking up on the energy in the room, you become excited about the prospects of this meeting as well. You wonder just what is going on and why you are in here. After all, you're just a newbie...

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