My home grown components for Delphi.

About these files.

No warranties are provided. All code is provided "as-is" with the hope that you may gain some use from them.

All components on this page are Freeware. That means you may modify and use these components in your own applications as you see fit without royalties or licensing fees, so long as, no fee or fees, directly or indirectly, are charged for these components.

Many of these components are not polished material. They may have bugs in them or may just lack decent documentation. Thou art warned!

Some are extensions of ideas borrowed from other people. If so, I heartly thank those individuals for their contribution to the freeware concept and hope they enjoy my twists on their own code. I have tried to include credit where credit is due.

All questions, comments and criticisms are welcome.

Last modified November 16, 1995
Michael Lang
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